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About The         Society


The DiCE Society is an all-encompassing organization dedicated to the appreciation, and enjoyment of the world of premium cigars.  Inside you will find content about premium cigars themselves, but also so much more. Things like food and drink pairings, music, travel, and many other things that compliment and enhance the premium cigar experience.  Our core focus is about you, our members, and our shared passion for premium cigars and the premium cigar culture. 


At The DiCE Society, we are member-focused and member-driven. Much of our content is voluntarily created and shared by DiCE Society members, for the enjoyment of other members. DiCE Society contributors and members range from industry participants such as premium cigar manufacturers, producers of cigar accessories, cigar lounges and retailers, cigar innovators, and others, to non-industry participants like on-line cigar clubs, media and social media figures, sophisticated cigar collectors, people who just enjoy having a casual smoke, and new people stepping into the premium cigar world for the first time. 


Our purposes are: (1)  to provide a welcoming, relaxed gathering place where you, our industry and non-industry members, can meet, interact, form friendships, forge connections, and share your knowledge of and love for premium cigars with each other interactively through The DiCE Society website, discord channels, and social media. (2) To expand awareness of the premium cigar culture, its history, and complimentary cultures and activities. (3) To provide resources for both new and veteran premium cigar smokers to enhance their knowledge and enjoyment, and (4) To promote innovation in the premium cigar community through the exchanging of ideas. 


​The DiCE Society values inclusivity, fellowship, and mutual respect.. Everyone of legal smoking age is welcome, no matter who you are or where you are from, whether you are an industry insider, media, a sophisticated cigar aficionado, a new smoker starting out, or just curious. 


We invite you to join us. Become a part of our vibrant community.  Share your passion, enhance your lifestyle, and let The DiCE Society be your on-line home away from home. Welcome to the DiCE Society family!

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