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         Etiquette with Belkys

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A DiCE Feature Section dedicated to the exploration and understanding of etiquette

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Belkys Sanchez

Belkys Sanchez

Contributing Editor:

   The DiCE Society Etiquette & Lifestyle

Contributing Feature Columnist:

   DiCE Etiquette with Belkys

Regional Sales director at Elie Bleu USA expanding in Florida, Georgia, North/South Carolina, and New York. Exquisite designer brand cigar accessories for the lifestyle of today’s cigar industry its aficionados and aficionadas. Experienced Elementary Education Teacher with a demonstrated history of twenty plus years working in the primary/secondary education system. Skilled in Customer Service, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Public Relations, and Special Events Coordination. Strong education professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Education from Nova Southeastern University. In addition, a Certified Professional Life Coach, guiding and enhancing perspective, perception, goals, lifestyle, and aiding individuals through their life journey so they can achieve their life’s journey in a purposeful way.

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