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Rebel Chef

A DiCE Feature Section dedicated to the exploration of the culinary arts, premium hand rolled cigars, and the pairing of them to create a new and enhanced experience

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Rebel Chef

Chef Jay.TIF

Chef Jay Broadbent

Contributing Editor:

   The DiCE Society Chefs' Corner

Contributing Feature Columnist:

   Rebel Chef

An acclaimed restaurant Chef, as well as, an elite executive chef to professional athletes, business executives, and people seeking healthy lifestyle changes - ranging from medical necessity to weight loss and fitness goals, Chef Jay has spent nearly 30 years cultivating a unique background and culinary experience.  


His other passion is premium hand rolled cigars.  Working with a blender in Esteli, Nicaragua, Chef Jay created Rebel Chef Cigars to reflect and share his favorite flavor profiles.


Frustrated by the traditional food industry’s focus on solely pairing food with beverages, Chef Jay decided to rebel, combine his passion for premium hand rolled cigars with his expertise in culinary arts, and show that when combined together in the right way, they can and will enhance each other - and create a whole new experience, one that has never been seen or done before.


Join The Rebel Chef on his journey here at The DiCE Society - expand your knowledge of cigars, food, cooking and pairing,…and become a Rebel!

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Arroz con pollo and the Don Cecelio

Arroz con Pollo or Homemade Chicken Soup and the Don Cecelio from Rebel Chef Cigars

Chorizo and eggs paired with the Catalya

The Catalya from RCC paired with Chorizo, Eggs, Refried Beans with Cotija, and a Black Americano Pork Chorizo

Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables with Jasmine Rice paired with El Lechón and Dark Rum

Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables with Jasmine Rice paired with El Lechón and Dark Rum

Chef's Tobacco Table:
Birria de Res, Mexican rice and a flour tortilla

The Chef Tobacco Table:
Pairing the RP Desciple with Birra de Res

Tatuaje FT153 (Fausto) with Grilled Vegetables and Sausage

A nice sausage dish to pair with a cigar

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